IVU World Vegfest in Australia

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Come Join Us at 43rd World VegFest in Australia
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Come Join Us at 43rd World VegFest in Australia

43rd IVU World Veg Fest Logo

IVU will be celebrating this year’s IVU World Vegfest in Australia, with our friends in Sydney and Melbourne who are organising two very impressive events in the second half of October and early November. Specifically, on 25 October, the Cruelty Free Festival will be held in Sydney ( and on 1 November, World Vegan Day celebrations will be conducted in Melbourne ( Members of the IVU International Council will be attending these events, and we urge all IVU member organisations to join us there. Additionally, to learn more about the many wonderful events in Australia around that same time, please have a look at ( Tours and other events are also being planned to coincide with the events and those interested can visit and for updates.
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